Rodolfo Castellanos is a Mexican chef with the privilege of being born in Oaxaca, the region that boasts a huge array of native ingredients and traditional recipes that are the pinnacle of Mexican cuisine.

His career revolves around his culture, authenticity, respect for traditional ingredients, and the preservation of traditional techniques alongside contemporary and French techniques - a dialogue that characterizes his culinary style.

In 2011, he opened his first restaurant Origen, a point of reference for contemporary dining and a must for culinary tourists visiting the city of Oaxaca.

Then in 2016, Rodolfo won the first edition of the Top Chef Mexico. This experience led him to express his personality more through his cooking.

For Rodo, as he is known to his friends, his greatest influence comes from growing up around the family business, a small restaurant that still serves traditional Oaxacan dishes to this day. His mother, Evelia Reyes. transmitted the secrets of Oaxacan cuisine, and even some of the local variants of traditional dishes that change from town to town.

Even as a child, he learned the season of each ingredient sold in the local markets. Over the years, he continued exploring his surroundings, where an abundance of endemic ingredients in Mexico is produced; including some insects like grasshoppers, agave worms and chicatanas ants. The state of Oaxaca is known for its countless variants of mezcal, an ancestral spirit that is the pride of local communities.

Today, Rodolfo Castellanos interprets of these influences in his contemporary kitchen, in an homage to the great diversity of ingredients and the multicolored richness that abounds in the lands of Oaxaca.